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Next deadline: Sep 15, 2022

Later deadlines: Jan 24, 2023, Sep 15, 2023, Jan 24, 2024, Sep 15, 2024, Jan 24, 2025, Sep 15, 2025, Jan 24, 2026, Sep 15, 2026, Jan 24, 2027, Sep 15, 2027, Jan 24, 2028, Sep 15, 2028

Grant amount: US $1 - US $300,000

Fields of work: Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology

Applicant type: Organizations

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States


Note: REU/RET supplement requests should be submitted by March 31 each year.  

Nanomanufacturing is the production of useful nano-scale materials, structures, devices and systems in an economically viable manner. The NSF Nanomanufacturing Program supports fundamental research in novel methods and techniques for batch and continuous processes, top-down (addition/subtraction) and bottom-up (directed self-assembly) processes leading to the formation of complex heterogeneous nanosystems. The program supports basic research in nanostructure and process design principles, integration across length-scales, and system-level integration.

The Program leverages advances in the understanding of nano-scale phenomena and processes (physical, chemical, electrical, thermal, mechanical and biological), nanomaterials discovery, novel nanostructure architectures, and new nanodevice and nanosystem concepts. It seeks to address quality, efficiency, scalability, reliability, safety and affordability issues that are relevant to manufacturing.

To address these issues, the Program encourages research on processes and production systems based on computation, modeling and simulation, use of process metrology, sensing, monitoring, and control, and assessment of product (nanomaterial, nanostructure, nanodevice or nanosystem) quality and performance.

The Program seeks to explore transformative approaches to nanomanufacturing, including but not limited to:

  • micro-reactor and micro-fluidics enabled nanosynthesis,
  • bio-inspired nanomanufacturing,
  • manufacturing by nanomachines,
  • additive nanomanufacturing,
  • hierarchical nanostructure assembly,
  • continuous high-rate nanofabrication such as roll-to-roll processing or massively-parallel large-area processing, and
  • modular manufacturing platforms for nanosystems.

The Program encourages the fabrication of nanomaterials by design, three-dimensional nanostructures, multi-layer nanodevices, and multi-material and multi-functional nanosystems. Also of interest is the manufacture of dynamic nanosystems such as nanomotors, nanorobots, and nanomachines, and enabling advances in transport and diffusion mechanisms at the nano-scale. The program supports education of the next generation of researchers, and encourages building a workforce trained in nanomanufacturing systems. It is also interested in understanding long-term environmental, health and societal (EHS) implications of large-scale production and use of nano-scale materials, devices and systems. Individual and small group proposals are encouraged to partner with industry and government sponsored laboratories.  Proposers are referred to NSF GOALI program for collaborative efforts with industry. NSF contributes fundamental research in support of the NNI's Signature Initiative on Sustainable Nanomanufacturing.

The Nanomanufacturing Program does not support research that focuses on synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and nanostructures, or the processing, compounding, and manufacture of nanomaterials and nanostructures in bulk quantities. Proposals in these areas should be directed to the appropriate NSF program.

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