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Next deadline: Nov 15, 2021 (Letter of inquiry)

Later deadlines: Dec 15, 2021 (Full proposal)

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Youth Services Child Welfare Services Education - K through 12 Teacher Development & Training Education - Preschool / Early Learning

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Preferred: Alabama Other eligible locations: Alabama, Florida, Georgia (US state)

Location of residency: United States

990 Snapshot



Our Mission

The mission of The Malone Family Foundation is to promote positive changes in the lives of people, who in turn can build and enhance the communities in which they live. We support initiatives that improve the quality of education, the motivation and the self-esteem of students from pre-kindergarten through higher education. The Foundation has an especially strong interest in supporting innovative endeavors that lead to a better-educated population and a higher standard of living.

In carrying out its mission, the Foundation seeks to

  • identify critical projects consistent with its mission that resonate with its trustees;
  • establish goals in identified and promising areas;
  • support these promising areas through grants and related activities; and
  • focus efforts to achieve these goals.

The Foundation also seeks to learn from its investments, share what it has learned and inspire others in the public and private sectors to make similar and supporting commitments.

Favored Grants

The following are qualities the Trustees and Staff of The Malone Family Foundation favor when reviewing grant requests:

  • Maximum Impact - Our goal is to improve the lives for the largest number of people.
  • Innovative Solutions - The creativity and adequacy of the proposed action must be meaningful in the problem undertaken.
  • Long Term Value - The program or project must have longer-term value.
  • Superior Management - The capability of organization and its personnel will be evaluated in terms of experience, past performance and creativity.
  • Realistic Planning - The applying entity should be able to demonstrate its ability to develop meaningful and attainable objectives within practical timeframes and to operate within a predetermined budget.
  • Financial Capability - Programs and projects should be supported by realistic budgets and demonstrate that the entity has support from other organizations.
  • Trackable Results - The organization must have procedures in place for periodic program evaluation.
  • Reliability of Information - Grants will only be made where there is fiscal responsibility including adequate accounting procedures and an annual audit.

Primary Program / Project Focus

The Malone Family Foundation primarily, but not solely, focuses on programs and projects that expand the horizons of and opportunities for children and young adults. Those programs and projects whose direct objectives are providing better education, promoting self-esteem and instilling in its beneficiaries a desire to improve oneself are of great interest to the Foundation. 

Preference will be given to creative programs that directly and positively impact the future of children and young adults in the area of education. The Foundation feels that a well-educated and motivated population promotes an economically strong community and, thereby, improves everyone's standard of living while simultaneously expanding opportunities for everyone.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Foundation concentrates on 501(c)(3), non-profit organizations that provide programs and projects designed to prevent or solve problems and create opportunities, rather than meet basic needs.
  • Geographic focus:
    • Consideration is given primarily to organizations and programs or projects whose beneficiaries reside in the state of Alabama.
    • To a limited extent, we will consider organizations and programs or projects in the states of Florida and Georgia.


  • Entities Not Supported -- The following Entities fall outside of our mission (where Entities include Organizations, Institutions, Associations, Groups and Foundations, etc):
    • Who have not received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service 
    • Who can be classified as a Type III Supporting Organization by the IRS under Section 509 (a)
    • Whose viability is dependent on a grant from the Foundation
    • Who currently have an active grant from the Foundation
    • Who do not have an operational or financial history of at least two years
    • Whose mission is for the redistribution of funds to entities of their own selection
    • Who benefit nations other than the United States
    • Who, directly or indirectly, discriminate by reason of sex, age, race, religion or national origin
    • Endowment Funds or Trusts
    • Private Foundations
    • Social Clubs, Camps and Missions
    • Community Funds
    • Religious Organizations, Institutions, Associations, Orders, Groups, Churches, etc (the exception is if the grant is for a conducted or sponsored educational school, specifically for Pre-K through 12 and higher education, which is open to the public and is non-exclusionary)
    • Who, as a major purpose, influence or seek to influence legislation (city, country, state or federal) or elect candidates for public office
    • Advocacy Groups, Organizations or Movements
    • Government Agencies
    • Who fund research including health related or medical research (This is viewed as the responsibility of public health institutions, NIH, major pharmaceutical companies, etc. and is, also, viewed as beyond the financial ability of the Foundation to have a meaningful impact.)
    • Who fund the Eradication, Elimination, Control or Containment of any Disease or Pestilence or Physical Condition (This is viewed as the responsibility of public health institutions, NIH, major pharmaceutical companies, etc. It is also, viewed as beyond the financial ability of the Foundation to have a meaningful impact.)
  • Needs Outside of Our Mission -- The following are needs that fall outside the range of support by The Malone Family Foundation:
    • Programs or projects
      • That are not specific
      • Whose success or accomplishment cannot be measured as to effectiveness to the satisfaction of the Foundation
      • Where the exact use of Foundation funds is not specific
    • Capital Campaigns
      • Where exact spending of funds raised is not clearly defined
      • That appear to be without widespread use and benefit
      • That are only for short-term needs
    • Multi-year grants in general with some exceptions
    • Start-Up Funding or "Seed" Money
    • Annual Fund Drives
    • Membership Drives
    • General Operating Expenses
    • Operating Deficits or Retirement of Debt
    • Grants to Individuals
    • Any type of Political Campaign
    • Any Legislative Lobbying to Influence any type of election
    • Events (including but not limited to Banquets, Dinners, Award Events, Conferences & Festivals)
    • Awards, Prizes and Competitions
    • Scholarships (either directly or indirectly)
    • Athletic Programs, Bands, Educational Travel Programs, etc
    • Environmental and Arts Causes (except for science and arts education as part of youth development programs)
    • Films or Documentaries
    • Research and policy papers of any kind (including but not limited to medical and health-related research)


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