ITTO Fellowship Programme

International Tropical Timber Organization

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Grant amount: Up to US $10,000

Anticipated deadline: Sep 10, 2020 7:59am PDT

Applicant type: Unaffiliated Researcher Graduate Student Faculty Working Professional Postdoctoral Researcher

Funding uses: Fellowship

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Anywhere in the world

Location of citizenship: Albania; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Benin Show all

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ITTO is an intergovernmental organization promoting the conservation and sustainable management, use and trade of tropical forest resources. Its members represent about 80% of the world's tropical forests and 90% of the global tropical timber trade. The ITTO facilitates discussion, consultation and international cooperation on issues relating to the international trade and utilization of tropical timber and the sustainable management of its resource base.

Fellowship Programme

ITTO offers fellowships through the Freezailah Fellowship Fund to promote human resource development and to strengthen professional expertise in member countries in tropical forestry and related disciplines. The goal is to promote the sustainable management of tropical forests, the efficient use and processing of tropical timber, and better economic information about the international trade in tropical timber.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promote good governance and enabling policy frameworks for strengthening SFM and related trade, and enhancing SFM financing and investment.
  • Increase the contribution of tropical forests to national and local economies, including through international trade.
  • Enhance the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in tropical timber producing forests.
  • Reduce tropical deforestation and forest degradation and enhance the provision of environmental services.
  • Improve the quality and availability of information on tropical forests, forest product markets, and trade.
  • Build and develop human resource capacity to implement SFM and increase trade in forest goods and services from sustainably managed forests.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Only nationals of ITTO Member countries are eligible to apply.
  • Awards are made to individuals, not to institutions.
  • Previous ITTO Fellowship awardees are not eligible to apply for another ITTO Fellowship within two years of receiving the first award and submitting to the Secretariat a final report on the activity for which the award was made.
  • Eligible activities include:
    • Participation in international/regional conferences, short-term training courses, training internships at industries, research and educational institutions, study tours, and lecture/demonstration tours;
    • Technical document preparation, publication, and dissemination, such as manuals and monographs;
    • Small grants for post-graduate studies.
  • Fellowship activities are expected to start not earlier than 1 February 2019.


  • ITTO gives preference to short-term activities.
  • Fellowships are awarded mainly to nationals of developing countries. However, ITTO may award Fellowships to nationals of consumer developed countries when:
    • The activities for which the awards are made are carried out in Producer Member countries and the activities tend to benefit Producer Member countries; and/or
    • There is evidence of technology transfer for activities to be carried out in developed countries.
  • ITTO Fellowship program encourages capacity development of women foresters.