Nearshore Marine Resource Conservation Grant

Harold K. L. Castle Foundation

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Grant amount: US $100 - US $4,000,000

Deadline: Rolling

Applicant type: Nonprofit College / University

Funding uses: Project / Program, Research

Location of project: Hawaii

Location of residency: Hawaii

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About this funder:



NOTE: Online Inquiry Forms will be reviewed by foundation staff on a rolling basis, so they may be submitted at any time during the year. Within one month of receipt of your Online Inquiry Form, we will contact you to request more information, invite you to submit a full proposal, or inform you that the foundation will be unable to consider a full proposal due to limited resources and/or a mismatch with foundation priorities. 

Founded in 1962, the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation works to build resources for Hawai‘i’s future. We do so by investing in promising initiatives and organizations through grantmaking, using our convening power, and introducing and spreading new ideas and approaches to help solve some of Hawai‘i’s most pressing problems. 

Nearshore Marine Resource Conservation

Marine Conservation Strategy

Affecting immediate and measurable change in our oceans in the near term, and improving governance and management to ensure healthier, resilient, and sustainable nearshore marine ecosystems in the long term via broad-based partnership and an adaptive, community-based approach.

Marine Resource Conservation Theory of Change

The Marine Resource Conservation Theory of Change depicts the conceptual flow from our giving strategies, through our measurable outputs, to our long-term outcomes and our ultimate goal of realizing the Foundations nearshore marine conservation vision.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligible applicants:
    • Nonprofit organizations serving Hawaii with Internal Revenue Code Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) public charity status
    • Public schools.
  • Eligible projects:
    • Projects must be on Nearshore Marine Resource Conservation (for waters surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands).
    • The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation only funds organizations that serve the people of Hawaii.
    • The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation primarily makes grants for specific projects.


  • Proposals are not considered for:
    • Individuals or businesses
    • Ongoing operating expenses (unless it is a new project or organization needing start-up funding)
    • Vehicles
    • Computers
    • Endowments
    • Annual fund drives
    • Sponsorships, special events, dinners, galas
    • Organizations based outside of Hawaii
    • Projects taking place outside Hawaii that do not benefit Hawaii