CARESTAR Grant Program

CARESTAR Foundation

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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Emergency Medical Care & Services Preventative Healthcare Medical Education & Professional Training Patient Safety Automotive Safety Violence Prevention

Applicant type: Nonprofit, Government Entity

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: California

Location of residency: United States

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NOTE: The foundation does not have set application or proposal deadlines. They do prefer, however, that grant cycles start and end: (1) January 1 – June 30 or (2) July 1 – December 31.

About CARESTAR Foundation

The CARESTAR Foundation is a California nonprofit benefit corporation. CARESTAR’s mission is to strengthen connections and foster partnerships in California’s injury prevention, emergency response and trauma care landscape to improve health outcomes for all Californians.

Our Mission: To Inspire innovation in trauma and emergency care.

Our purpose is to create, invest and serve as a catalyst for ideas, partnerships, programs and services that are directed towards improving the quality and availability of emergency and trauma care while aiding in the prevention of injury disability and death in California.

CARESTAR Foundation (CF) carries out a state-wide benefit program for the people of California: Our foremost desire is distributing grants to foster the start-up and expansion of unique programs and services that achieve this mission that are lasting and impactful.

Funding Priorities

To support nonprofit health advocacy organizations, state and local agencies, providers of care and community partners in the development and implementation of meaningful, impactful and sustainable health related initiatives that:

  • Improve care and expand access to emergency and trauma services, particularly with vulnerable populations and in rural areas.
  • Prevent injuries (violence, motor vehicle and other) reduce suffering and save lives by fostering the development and implementation of effective standards, services and programs.
  • Foster educational support for innovative healthcare programs and to create stronger safeguards to protect healthcare workers and minimize risk when treating patients.

Types of Projects

CF typically supports projects in two categories: annual program support and multi-year initiatives.

  • Annual Program Support: While our preference is to fund larger multi-year health initiatives, sometimes organizations for a variety of reasons, are not initially ready to undertake that type of effort. Therefore, we provide year long program support with the desire that a smaller effort will evolve into a multi-year initiative
  • Multi-Year Health Initiatives: We define a health initiative as an organization employing new and innovative ideas or strategies or enhancing proven current strategies to:
  • Enable the improvement in emergency/trauma care and services
  • Measure and document the value of its strategies
  • Have impactful and lasting value after CF funding has been completed

Successful initiatives typically take place over a number of years and are a result of extensive careful planning, effective implementation and rigorous, accurate documentation of results. To receive funding, a health initiative should achieve one of the following:

  • Demonstrate measurable patient care improvement in the areas of emergency and trauma services.
  • Demonstrate a measurable, marked improvement in incidents of injuries, disability and death associated with violence prevention and education.

Such programs include but are not limited to case management, behavioral health, social support and health education.

Funding Process and Strategic Approach

We work proactively with leaders or leadership teams from partner organizations to improve and /or expand their services and/or supplement their organizational capacity. Our collaborative approach begins proactively. We start with a series of discussions designed to ensure the type of lasting success to which we are committed.

The initial discussion seeks to identify visionary leadership, a well-conceived, strategic approach as well as key program staff. We require organizational leaders to come prepared to share facts and circumstances that point towards a need for action, vision for action, assessment of the organization’s ability of lead and manage the project and to achieve a successful outcome in a well thought out manner.

Ensuing discussions explore the feasibility for action, what it would take to achieve a state of readiness and the development of a formal proposal. Components of the proposal should include:

  • Program Plan
  • Identification of Suitable Partners
  • Development of Success Metrics
  • Process For Evaluation and Program Outcomes

Multi-year projects should include achievements over time and the specific opportunities for multi-year results based on specific grant amounts requested. Where possible, please identify how and where your organization will provide “skin in the game” to achieve success.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Initiatives and programs must take place within California.
  • Organizations must be tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporations.
  • Corporate and tax-exempt status must have been in effect for twelve (12) full months. 
  • Organizations must have in place experienced executive leadership, a full compliment of highly engaged board members, and experienced program leadership.
  • Organizations must be financially stable with appropriate internal financial systems and accounting staff.
  • Organizations must have established systems and personnel dedicated to developing revenue from an array of sources and must demonstrate an ability to obtain other sources of funding to sustain programs.


  • The CF does not use third party fiscal agents to accept and administer its grants for any purpose or on behalf of any group.


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