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Deadline: Rolling

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Fields of work: Civic Affairs International/Foreign Affairs Public Policy Legal Services Climate Change Resilience Sustainability Green Infrastructure Economic Services & Development Entrepreneurship Anthropology & Cultural Studies Sexuality & LGBTQ Rights Women & Girl Services Natural Resources Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Cambodia; China; India Show all

Location of residency: Asia

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The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, our work across the region addresses five overarching goals—strengthen governance, empower women, expand economic opportunity, increase environmental resilience, and promote regional cooperation.

Grant Guidelines

The Asia Foundation undertakes grant making with organizations as a collaborative process of problem identification and strategic planning within our areas of programming interest. Our programs address critical issues affecting Asia in the 21st century— governance and law, economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, and regional cooperation. In addition, our Books for Asia and professional exchange programs are among the ways we encourage Asia’s continued development as a peaceful, just, and thriving region of the world.

Books for Asia

We put brand-new books and digital content into the hands of students, educators, and leaders in 20 countries. Through technology initiatives and book donations, we help infuse students with a love of reading essential for literacy; build knowledge in the business, legal, and science professions; sharpen vocational and research ability; and enhance language skills to compete in the global economy. 

Conflict and Fragile Conditions

Violent conflict and fragile governance present enormous challenges for development and security in Asia. In places where violence is widespread and government ceases to function, the pace of development falls dramatically and conditions can deteriorate to extreme levels. The Foundation supports local efforts to improve engagement between government and citizens; strengthens peacebuilding efforts and transitional institutions; and strengthens informal institutions that provide justice, stability, and services where the state has limited reach and/or legitimacy. 

Development and Aid Effectiveness

The contemporary aid ecosystem is complex, and emerging donors, civil society, and the private sector are fostering new thinking on development effectiveness. A respected resource for locally-driven, context-specific, and flexible approaches to project implementation, The Asia Foundation brings together traditional and emerging Asian donors to share perspectives about the changing dynamics of international development cooperation. 


Key to our work in the elections and political processes sector is support for developing an engaged citizenry and a vibrant civil society. Our programs support free and fair elections through voter education, voter registration, election administration, and international and domestic election observation. We support democratic governance through political party development and legal and regulatory reform. 

Empower Women

We have transformed thousands of lives through evidence-based programs that focus on expanding women’s economic opportunities, increasing women’s rights and security, and advancing women’s political participation. The Asia Foundation practices an integrated approach that promotes gender equality across all programs. 


We encourage greater understanding between Asians and Americans with the ultimate aim of contributing towards strengthened U.S.-Asia relations. Over more than six decades, Foundation grants have provided thousands of participants with opportunities to exchange views and gain direct experience with regions other than their own. 

Expand Economic Opportunity

We support Asian initiatives to foster inclusive economic growth and broaden economic opportunities. We work at all levels–from local to regional–to increase economic opportunities and expand investment and trade; strengthen partnerships among governments, private enterprise, and civil society to promote broad-based, sustainable growth; and improve the responsiveness of public authorities to demand a more supportive business environment, including for women entrepreneurs.

Increase Environmental Resilience

Asia faces growing vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters, with severe consequences for rural and urban communities, food security, economic growth, and political stability. Ultimately, solutions require collective political will: stakeholders from across sectors working toward a shared vision for socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable development. The Asia Foundation, drawing upon 60 years of governance experience, plays an essential role in helping Asian countries address critical national and regional environmental challenges. 

Law and Justice

People across Asia face systemic challenges in resolving their disputes, enforcing their rights, and accessing benefits to which they are legally entitled. Our law programs support Asian efforts to protect the legal rights of vulnerable groups, strengthen dispute resolution processes, and reform dysfunctional laws, policies, institutions, and practices.

Promote International Cooperation

Asia faces many non-traditional security challenges at the subnational level which are closely linked to domestic economic and political issues in different countries, but which have ramifications beyond borders: from environmental degradation, natural disasters, and trafficking-in-persons to maritime security, ethnic and religious conflict, and failed systems of governance. We help strengthen relations among Asian nations in an effort to foster peace, stability, prosperity, and effective governance. 

Strengthen Governance

We are a longstanding partner of both government and civil society in Asia, supporting initiatives to build more effective and responsive governance that expands justice, accelerates social and economic development, and promotes peace and security. The Foundation promotes good governance and reform at all levels through programs that counter corruption, support parliamentary and constitutional development, and foster an active civil society sector. 

Technology & Development

As technology access expands dramatically and smartphones link millions across Asia, we are increasing our impact with new tools that connect stakeholders and help Asia’s policy makers, civic reformers and small business leaders rapidly collect and analyze data previously unavailable to them. We leverage data and analytics, collaborative social media tools, and smartphone use to connect citizens with a global ecosystem of information and services. 

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  • The Foundation directs its support to activities that are within its current interests and are likely to have a wide effect.
  • Most of the Foundation's grants are made to organizations in Asia.


  • The Foundation does not make grants either to individuals or to U.S-based organizations.


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