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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Disability Care & Services Military & Veterans Services Education - K through 12 Academic Success & Enrichment Cancer/Oncology Health & Medicine

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Research, General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Elko County, Nevada Show all

Location of residency: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Elko County, Nevada Show all

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Our Mission

Our Foundation supports causes that impact our customers’ lives. Our stores provide the opportunity to mobilize funding and create awareness in our neighborhoods through our employees’ passion, partnerships with our vendors and the generous contributions by our customers.

Carefully directing contributions, we work in collaboration with local organizations and seek to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. We take pride in ensuring that the vast majority of the funds we raise stays in local communities and reflects what is important to our customers and employees.

About Our Foundation

The Foundation is made up of 12 brands – we are registered as the Albertsons Companies Foundation and do business as each of the 12 brands listed here.

Grant Funding Guidelines for Intermountain

Intermountain includes the following areas: ID, MT, WY, UT, NV, ND

The Albertsons Companies and Safeway Foundations funds organizations that strengthen the neighborhoods we serve. Please see below for our guidelines and other important information on our grants process.


We support nonprofit organizations whose mission is aligned with our priority areas:

Health and Human services

We believe that all people deserve access to essential human services and that the health of our community starts with the health of our neighbors. Therefore, we sponsor organizations that are engaged in medical research. We contribute to financing medical research programs that improve the lives of our neighbors, particularly those who traditionally have little or no access to care.

We focus, among other health-related causes, on Cancer Research and organizations that:

  • Increase the number of patients enrolled in cancer trials
  • Increase the number of patients who gained access to cancer preventative testing
  • Increase the number of patients given access to alternative medicine for cancer

We believe that a cure will be found and that our careful allocation of funds will be a catalyst in the process.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion of All Abilities

We believe that all people should have equal opportunity to live a healthy and full life, regardless of ability.

Over the years we’ve supported many organizations that transform the lives of millions of people with a range of special needs including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Easter Seals, Special Olympics, and a range of community-based employment and job coaching organizations focused on serving people with disabilities. We fund organizations that:

  • Provide access for children to ability-specific camps
  • Help individuals receive specialty services
  • Give people employment training and help to gain employment
  • Provide people with care and treatment

We continue to fund organizations that assist our neighbors to live healthier lives and reach their full potential, regardless of ability.

Youth and Education

We believe that every student should have access to education that prepares them to succeed in school and life. We believe that investing in education creates a foundation for a better future for all of us. We support programs that encourage a child’s success in a safe environment and that foster learning in all subjects, including after-school activities as well as other interventions.

Our funding is specifically for K-12 education in schools and in out-of-school organizations that increase test scores, classroom performance and/or attendance.


We review applications monthly. At the close of the application process, it typically takes us at least 4 to 6 WEEKS to review and get back to you.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • We only support organizations with a valid 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS and schools recognized by the government.
  • Organizations we fund must serve the community where we operate.
    • To learn more about our operating area, view our online map at


  • To Strengthen Your Application – Include an Employee Sponsor
    • Typically, an employee sponsor is a volunteer, board member or someone who has been helped by your organization.
    • If you cannot identify an employee in your ranks, we recommend you speak to your local Store Manager to see if they would be willing to sponsor.


  • Although we would love to help everyone, the Foundation generally does not fund:
    • Individuals or for-profit organizations
    • Political organizations or activities
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Capital or building campaigns
    • Advocacy programs
    • Meetings, conferences or workshops
    • Sports teams or athletic competitions
    • Other foundations or granting organizations
    • Fundraising dinners, galas, and events. We generally do not sponsor these events because the sponsorship is not fully deductible and because we prefer that our funds go directly to program services rather than offsetting event expenses.


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